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Now Taking Commissions!

See some of my recently commissioned work here

Pair of Kings
Bull in the Chena (River)
Walker Cove Snacktime (cropped image)
Majestic Salute
Silent Watcher (cropped image)
Orcas in the Icy Strait
Breaching Humpback
The Fishing Lesson
Nathan Jackson (cropped)
Black wolf
The Forest Below
New Eddystone Rock
Hopkins Humpbacks
Sea Otter Siesta
Evening Escort
Salmon Fishing
Killer Whale
Terry and Yeltatzie's Salmon
Gooseneck Clams
Mosaic Octopus
Stained Glass Octopus
Alaska's World Famous Arctic Bar lamp by Terry Pyles
Copper Rockfish
Alaska Kitchen Scene
The Rock
Misty Fjords Air, Ketchikan, Alaska
The Fishing Lesson
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