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The de Havilland Otter is like the pick-up truck of SE Alaska. Because the airways are our freeway up here in Alaska, pilots are called upon to fly freight—and lots of it—to and from the remote communities.


After moving to Ketchikan in 1975, my first job was working on the waterfront as a freight hog—an "unsung hero" type of job that involves hauling freight up and down the steep and icy ramps for hours upon hours each day.

It didn't take long for my bosses to discover that  I could paint signs and do other artistic jobs, which eventually evolved into painting airplance schemes. After completing my first job, I began getting commissions from several local air services.


This black, white and gold de Havilland turbine

otter owned by Misty Fjords Air, positions the

company as a premium "gold star" carrier. 

In addition to the paint scheme, I also

designed the carrier's logo.

Aircraft Paint Schemes

Lucky for me, pilots are not satisfied with the factory paint job! My job is to give them a brand that helps them stand apart from the other kids in the air!

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