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12.5"x18" | canvas giclee

Rockfish are kind of like the redheaded stepchild of the Alaska seafood family. For one, many of the more than 30 species of rockfish found in the Gulf of Alaska are either ginger-colored or blaze orange. For two, they have a spiny top fin that sticks up like an unfortunate cowlick. And for three, well, nobody ever makes a trip to Alaska specifically to catch a rockfish. Salmon and halibut? Yes. Rockfish? No.

Add to all this: Rockfish are extremely bony, with an effort-to-enjoyment ratio of about 60/40; they’re exceedingly easy to catch; and the act of catching them actually kills them (i.e., they cannot be caught and released), and you’ve got a real nuisance fish on your hook. 

Still, as unappreciated and difficult as they are, rockfish are absolutely delicious, perfect for fish stews, ceviche, or fire-roasted and served whole. And they look beautiful lying on a table next to a wedge of creamy bleu cheese!

Copper Rockfish

  • Canvas giclees closely mimic the original paintings; it's difficult to detect any difference. Canvas giclees come ready to frame, are printed to order and personally processed by the artist—from printing to hand-applied U/V finish. Allowing for drying time, the process takes 2-3 days before they can be shipped.


    Copper Rockfish is also available in a paper giclee, $85. Contact us at to purchase.

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