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8"x10" | canvas gicleeThe "American Acclimatization Society" for European Settlers introduced 60 European Starlings in NYC's Central Park in 1890 and 40 more in 1891. Today, estimates put starling populations well above 200M in the US, all descendants of the original 100 birds. They're as far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, now, busy killing off and displacing native bird species. The Mona Lisa motif represents the European origin, the volcano and tornado represent the apocalyptic nature of the havoc they wreak. The AK-47, a weapon favored by terrorists, puts the cap on this little package of winged destruction.The original (pictured alternately above) resides in the State of Alaska Museum's permanent collection in Juneau, Alaska.

European Starling Pestilence

  • Canvas giclees closely mimic the original paintings; it's difficult to detect any difference. Canvas giclees come ready to frame, are printed to order and personally processed by the artist—from printing to hand-applied U/V finish. Allowing for drying time, the process takes 2-3 days before they can be shipped.


    European Starling Pestilence is also available in paper giclee, $35. Contact us at to purchase.

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