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10"x13" | giclee on canvas

While I wouldn't say I have a favorite bird, the raven is, I think, a really fascinating specimen. They're one of the smartest birds known. They're intelligent enough to have figured out how to remove the lid off of every conceivable type of trash container in the neighborhood that isn't tied down. Ravens also display a remarkable number of vocalizations and are tool users.  It seems more than obvious that birds are sentient beings to varying levels by species, and therefore it's not surprising that many species mate for life. 

The ravens in Juneau are some of the largest ravens in Alaska—some of them get to be as big as small eagles!

Mount Juneau Ravens

  • This painting is printed on canvas, a process that closely mimics the original painting; it's difficult to detect any difference. Canvas giclees come ready to frame, are printed to order and personally processed by the artist—from printing to hand-applied U/V finish. Allowing for drying time, the process takes 2-3 days before they can be shipped.


    Mount Juneau Ravens is also available as a giclee on paper for $45. Paper giclees are printed with a professional Epson inkjet printer on archival art paper with archival pigment-based inks. Please contact us at to purchase a paper giclee!

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