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20"x28" | lithograph

The American Volunteer Group (A.V.G) Flying Tigers is the most successful air combat fighter group in aviation history. In 1993, I collaborated with one of the A.V.G.’s top aces, Charlie Bond, to portray a historic one-man sortie that took place in China on May 4, 1942. Bond and I spent many hours going over memories and historical details to create this artistic depiction, which has been called the most accurate representation of the Flying Tiger’s P-40s.

Bond was the Vice Squadron Commander of the 1st pursuit squadron and was the first to paint the shark teeth on his P-40B #5, an idea he borrowed from the British and which soon became the hallmark of air supremacy. Click the link at right to read the entire story about this painting.

Typical A.V.G. Odds


This is a limited, signed/numbered edition of a 4-color process print on archival paper. Each print is signed by members of the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers. The print signing took most of three days before the official beginning of the Flying Tiger's 50th reunion at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, 1993. Not all prints received the same number of signatures due to the late arrival of some signators. Read the whole story about this painting and see the full list of signators here.

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